Don Alfredo x Neighland Chimera
DOB April 20, 2013

Davanza/"Sophie" is that rare combination of looks and athleticism with a quiet wonderful brain and willing
attitude.  She's amazing to be around, truly the complete package.   Loads, clips, stands quietly for farrier
We are planning on showing Sophie lightly in the yearling hunter breeding for some horse show experience in
2014.  We feel standing them on the line is a great way to get the young ones out and about and makes them
transition to horse show life under saddle much more easily!  She's super correct, with a fantastic personality and
wonderful movement! I'm looking forward to seeing this filly mature and we couldn't be happier with what
Amelia produced, its so wonderful to have a third generation on the farm!!  I feel this will be a filly to contend
with both in the hunter breeding and performance ring.

Sophie is by the proven stallion Don Alfredo standing at On The Bit Farm, who has sired many winners in all
disciplines!! His offspring are known for their great minds, super athleticism and fantastic jump.  We bred
Chimera/"Amelia" (Corlando x West Baby aka Mae)and showed her on the line as a two year old where she was
5th in Zone 3 and was BYH several times out along with being 4th at Upperville out a very competitive class! She
was then started lightly as a three year old and was shown locally as a four and five year old jumping
around 2'6 courses. We decided rather than continue to show her we would retain her as a broodmare as her
mother is getting older, we are thrilled with her first foal, Sophie.  
Don Alfredo
Below photos taken at 5 days old
Below photos taken at 1 day old
For more information please contact me neighland@gmail.com on this filly!
Photos taken 8/22/13
Photos taken July 2013
Sophie at her Old NA inspection where she scored an overall 8.1
We decided to send out Christmas cards for the first time this year, and wanted to have a little fun
with it, so "Sophie" (aka Davanza, our 2013 Don Alfredo filly) was our model!! She was amazing and
is such a special filly.

Click here if you'd like to see more photos of her Christmas shoot!
We started off the new year by heading down to Aiken on the 1st with Sophie (our 2013 Don Alfredo x
Chimera filly) to show in the yearling hunter breeding!  She was fantastic for the trip; loaded in the
dark like a champ, shipped like a pro, and took everything in stride!   She ended up winning both her
yearling classes and was double RBYH.  We couldn't be more thrilled!
"Sophie" is 8 months in
these photos!
Sophie showed at RMI Tri State on 3/15/14 and was amazing!  Her calm approach to everything is
incredible since this was her second horse show, she didn't even flinch at the water truck in the ring
next to ours when we were showing.   She won both her yearling classes and was double RBYH.  We
adore this filly, and can't wait to see her mature!!
"Sophie" is 10 1/2
months in these photos!
While it was a bit of a short turnaround from Devon we did take "Sophie" to Upperville, she was amazing
this filly is quite incredible she just takes everything in stride!!  She was pulled up second, but was a little
tired and dull by the end of her long class, so she got bumped back to third, which we were still thrilled
with, since it was a fairly large class of quality fillies!!  
Sophie and I had our first Devon experience together, well I've been there to watch homebred's show but
have never shown one myself! We had a fantastic time, and Sophie took the all the activities in with no
problem!! She finished 9th out of a super competitive class!!  
As we are drawing to the end of the show season for us, I couldn't be happier with how far "Sophie" and I have come.
Until this year I've only shown a handful of times in the breeding and wanted to do this one myself rather than send
her to a professional....we've had a blast and I'm thrilled at our success, and can say each show I've been able to
improve on something which has been my goal from the start.   I can't say enough wonderful things about this fillies
temperment she takes everything in stride and is so easy, she never lunges in the morning of the show and only is
walked, she is quite the special individual and I'm so proud of her and couldn't have asked for a better partner for my
first year of showing and I'm looking forward to future years with her!
Thanks so much
for Sharon Winnie
for this photo!!
Sophie as a three year old.  Her life of leisure is coming to an end, and she will be started
soon.  Stayed tuned for more information.
We also freejumped her for the first time last weekend, and she was fantastic, picked it up in a couple of tries,
we didn't do too much, but I was delighted how quickly she got it, and showed such great form in her first
Sophie was started this fall and is going very well!!  We couldn't be happier with