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(updated 3/29/17
Below is Davanza as a three year old on the left and as a yearling on the right.  A few of her highlights
from her yearling year (2014), were a great Upperville, she was 3rd in a large yearling filly class.  She
won at Deep Run, as well as Lexington, and was RBYH at Charleston.  We are over the moon for this
filly!!!  She is truly the whole package! Below are a few pics, but please go to Sophie's page for more info
and photos!

Click here to go to Sophie's page for more photos and video!
Congrats to Q'cille's new owners, we wish you the very best with this special filly!!  
Please keep us posted on all of her progress.
We are very excited to announce that we are offering retirement board to a handful or horses, we
currently have an opening for one horse.   I've always loved having my personal older horses, and want
to open my facility to give top notch care to show horses that owners want to retire and continue the
pampered show lifestyle and not be turned out 24/7 during retirement.   We have a mild climate year
round (we are located on the Tennesse/Virginia line right off Interstate 81), that is ideal for many horses.

Amenities include 4 time a week grooming, including vacuuming, daily turnout, they will be in during
the day or night depending on the time of year, front shoes or trims every 4-6 weeks, and annual
vaccinations, coggins and dentals all included. Summer body clipping also included if needed, and mane
and whiskers kept tidy throughout the year.

Please email or call me if you'd like more information on boarding.  neighland@gmail.com or 423 646 5779
We are currently looking for several prospects (3-8 years old) in varying budgets, please
email me with what you have available!